Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

I’ve been writing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2012, breaking stories on the subject and speaking with some of the industry’s most fascinating characters. Read selected stories here.

Geothermal Gold: Why Bitcoin Mines Are Moving to Iceland

I traveled to Iceland in 2014 to visit a massive bitcoin mining operation running off 100 percent renewable energy.

In a small industrial park on a south-westerly lava plain peninsula of Iceland, a steadily expanding server farm is pumping out plumes of steam—and millions of dollars worth of bitcoin.

bitcoin mining iceland cryptocurrency mine


Bitcoin or broke: Dutch Man Bets Everything on Cryptocurrency Boom

Didi Taihuttu sold his house, car and other valuable possessions and invested it all in cryptocurrency. In 2017, he told me how that was working out for him—from a beach in Southeast Asia.

“At first my wife doubted the decision, wondering if it was the right decision for our kids—as did my brother and sister,” Taihuttu says. “If we end up with nothing anymore, I guess we’ll just have to start over. But then at least we tried.”

bitcoin family cryptocurrency sold everything


Man Accidentally Throws Away $108 Million of Bitcoin

A man from south Wales accidentally threw $108 million of bitcoin in the trash after mining it on his computer. He tells me: “There’s no point crying about it.”

“It’s a case of convincing the local authorities and environmental agencies to permit me to search,” Howells says. “I have good days and bad days, but overall I’m good…. Anyway, no point crying about it.”

bitcoin trash bin millionaire hard drive


CryptoKids: Altcoins, Apps and Authors Aim to Bring Bitcoin to Children

Following the first bitcoin boom in late 2013, I covered a story for Forbes about children getting in on the action.

bitcoin children apps cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Foundation Founder Talks Out About ‘Black Eye’ to Cryptocurrency Industry

I spoke with Gavin Andresen, one of bitcoin’s “founding fathers”, in 2015 about scandal surrounding bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

“That was a huge, deplorable, terrible hit to the foundation—a huge black eye. If I could go back in time, both of those people would not be on the foundation board.”

bitcoin foundation mark karpeles charlie shrem


The Battle Over Bitcoin

On 1 August 2017, the blockchain of bitcoin was split in two following an irreconcilable rift in the bitcoin community. It spawned a brand new rival to the original cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash, which supporters like ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver believe will soon overthrow bitcoin as the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency.

bitcoin cash.jpg


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